About Wegatrend Consulting Ltd.



    The predecessor: W&T Consulting Ltd.

      Until 1998, according to Hungarian law there was possible to maintain some types of financial activities (i.e. factoring) within the framework of a consulting enterprise with a special license of the Hungarian State Securities Commission. W&T Consulting Ltd. was such consulting company.

      In 1998 Hungarian law had changed. Stricter rules for financial enterprises has prescribed that any financial activity can carry on within the framework of a joint stock company, with a minimum share capital of 20 million HUF (at that time this sum was about 100 000 USD, during the meantime this sum is now 50 million HUF) as a sole activity of the enterprise.

      All activities of W&T Consulting Ltd. in 1998 were transformed into two separated, autonomous companies:

      1. W&T Financial Consulting Ltd. after the transformation was dealing further with factoring. It was its sole activity within the framework of a joint stock company. [1]
      2. Consulting and other activities were channelled into the newly established Wegatrend Consulting Ltd.

    Main activities of Wegatrend Consulting Ltd.

      1. General Consulting. Several type of consulting is in our profile. Mainly financial consulting, asset valuation, X-raying of bankrupted enterprises or enterprises which are in financial trouble. We worked for the financial authorities (for State Securities Commission) for banks (OTP, Hungarian Post Bank) and for some service providers for BKV (Budapest Traffic Co.).
      2. Investment Consulting. From 1997-2001 we had several publications on Hungarian Stock Exchange. We analyzed with a strong statistical background the time process of main indexes and stocks. Technical analysis was also key a part of our work which at that time in Hungary was rarely used mean of stok analysis..
      3. Desktop Publishing. Four English language periodicals issued by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was edited by Wegatrend Ltd. till 2010
        • Acta Chímica, Models in Chemistry
        • Acta Alimentaria
        • Acta Physiologica
        • Journal of Radioanalitycal Chemistry
      4. At present: Consulting activitites are in focus again

    Basic Datas of Wegatrend Consulting Ltd.

    Company was established: 1998.

    Registration No: 01 09 675496

    Main owners: Dr. Gábor Werner (96.6%) and Ms. Zsuzsa Schubert dr. (3,4 %)

    Share capital: 3 million HUF.

    Managing Director: Lazarovits Györgyné

    Auditor: Ms. Csilla Czikoráné Szomszéd

    Bank: HypoVereinsbank Hungary, Budapest

    Address: 1054 Kitaibel Pál u. 5, Budapest, Hungary


    Phone:       (36-1) 316 7212

    E-mail: werner@wegatrend.hu




[1] W&T Consulting Ltd. has changed its name and its ownership structure in 2001. Under its new name is (Fors Faktor Ltd.) works further as a financial factor company.